September Dedication

Hello Habitat Friends!

We apologize for this late update. On September 12, 2009, we had a good turn out on the dedication. The BP community relations group was there and took photos for the Galveston Daily News. We are trying to get a copy of the pictures. The photos will be posted as soon as we get them.


Big Workday Coming 8/22

Hello Habitat Friends!!

Need Help to Lay Sod

We’ve got a few things inside that need to be wrapped up but our BIG project will be sod. The more volunteers we get to lay the sod the better it is for everyone, so please round up all your peeps and come down to help. We’d like to break last year’s record and get it down in 2 hours or less.

Laying Tile

We’ve been plugging along on the house and we’re almost there.The house got painted, the flooring is in, the outlets, phone and cable connections wired and the blinds hung. We’ve got some outstanding items to be completed by the plumber before we can finish caulking there. The gutters were hung and the drainage ditch dug and connected to the gutters today.The kids’ bedrooms also need some color – we’ll hopefully get that done in the next week or two. It’s coming together nicely and we’ll be ready for dedication very soon.

The dedication will follow shortly after the sodding is complete. We’d really appreciate having as many of you come down for the ceremony as possible. It’s the coolest part of what we do – handing the keys over to the new family and seeing them realize that the house is really theirs. More detailed information about the dedication will follow.

See you out there!!

Progress Report

Hello Habitat Friends!!

Running Wire

Normally when you see the words “progress report” it’s cause for concern, but we’ve got good news!! We’ve been cruising along on the house and have nearly all the siding completed and are working on getting the interior ready for sheetrock. We are feeling like we are a couple of months ahead on this house, but we’re really pretty close to schedule. There are still a few pieces of siding that need to be cut and put up along with the door and window trim. Caulking and preparation for the heating/air conditioning system will begin this weekend along with a number of other tasks that need to be done before the sheetrock can be installed.

The homeowner is in the process of picking out the flooring, cabinets and light fixtures while we work to get ready to install them. We’d really love to have you

come out and lend us a hand. We are on site from 8:30 a.m. to approximately 3:00 p.m. each Thursday and Saturday. Volunteers are free to come and go as needed during our work hours. You don’t have to be an electrician, plumber or carpenter to help us out – all we ask is that you have a desire to be part of this

wonderful project!!

If you need directions, please click the Directions and Maps link above. Please come on our and lend us a hand and we hope to see you this


Upcoming Corporate Workdays

How Many Engineers Does it Take to Hang Siding?

  • June 6 – Marathon Oil
  • June 20 – Lockheed Martin Leadership Assoc.

We’re On Facebook!


Hello Habitat Friends!

We wanted to share our news with everyone – we are now on Facebook !! If you can’t click the link,  paste the URL into your browser.

Stop by and check us out!!

Long Time No Post

Hello Habitat Friends!!

Let me first apologize for the lack of new information on our new home.  All I can say in my defense is that it has been a very busy spring.

Texas City Habitat for HumanityWhere We Are

As you saw in the first major post, we were putting up walls and working on the foundation. A LOT has happened since then. The ceiling joists and rafters were cut, assembled and installed. The roof and outside of the house were sheathed, and the roof is ready for shingles! The porch is coming along and we got the windows and doors cut out and installed. This past weekend the house was wrapped and the exterior of the windows and doors were caulked.

Where We Are Going

Tomorrow’s crew should be finishing up with the attic stairs and caulking the joists inside the house. This coming weekend (Saturday, May 16th), we hope to get at least started on putting up the siding. We should be ready to start focusing on the items that need to be completed inside the house, such as placing the electrical outlets and phone jacks and preparing for sheetrock.

While we seem to be moving along at a nice clip with this house, we still need more volunteers. If you have free time Thursdays or Saturdays, we’d love to have you. If you need directions, please click the Directions and Maps link above. Please come on our and lend us a hand and we hope to see you this weekend!!

Construction Kickoff

You all probably know the saying about the best laid plans…

Raising the Front WallWe thought we were set to start construction last weekend but delays in getting the plumbing set and rain prevented the slab from being poured until Thursday of last week. Things happened so quickly that there wasn’t time to get our updates published.

032109 027

The weather decided to cooperate for a kickoff on Saturday with a very large crew from BP and a handful of community service volunteers. They were able to get the external and plumbing walls assembled and put up before calling it a day.

Our next workday will include building headers, interior walls and installing hurricane clips.

The next workdays will be Thursday, March 26th and Saturday, March 28th.

We hope to see new and old faces on the worksite in the coming weeks and months!

Great News!!

Hello Habitat Friends!

We have some awesome news to pass along. As of Friday, March 20th, we have a family for our new house!! We don’t know much about them yet, but are looking forward to working alongside them to provide them a great place to call home.

Construction is imminent and we’ll do our best to keep you updated on activities as they come along.